Infertility Treatment in Delhi


If you are pregnant and have already crossed that right age, then be well informed on all aspects. Late pregnancy is quite common now a days.
Be aware that there are a huge availability of infertility treatments in delhi that has wonderful feedbacks and success stories. It will help to makes women get treated and let them to enjoy motherhood at any age.

Is there Any Risks for Late Pregnancy?

Reproductive capacity getting reduced after age of 35. But being educated about the general risks and problems of late pregnancy will help you to minimize the risks.

In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

Pregnancy over age 50 has become more possible for women, due to recent advances in assisted reproductive technology, in particular egg donation. In Vitro Maturation is a fertility treatment in which the immature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries and are brought to maturity in vitro (in the laboratory). It differs from IVF in that the eggs are immature when collected and does not require the use of medications to bring eggs to maturity. It is a safer and cheaper alternative to IVF.