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If all the possible ways of infertility treatment has proven to be ineffective or even if after surgical treatment, drug stimulation, hormone therapy long-awaited pregnancy has not occurred. Fertility Solutions IVF & Research Center provides another opportunity for couples to become parents with the help of modern medicines. We are talking about IVF, In Vitro Fertilization.

In Vitro fertilization procedure includes four stages

1,Hormonal stimulation of ovulation – the process of ovulation stimulation drugs to quit several ova in one menstrual cycle.
2, Follicle puncture – A painless process to remove the ripened egg from the follicle (through the vagina), by introducing them to the needle through which sucked follicular fluid containing the oocyte. THe process is held under the supervision of an ultrasound, without the use of anesthesia.
3, Embryo culture – Monitoring the process of fertilization and embryo development. At the end of 4-6 hours after the follicle puncture is placed resulting in successful fertilization begins development of embryos by cell division.
4, Embryo transfer – The process of transporting the embryos into the uterus using a special catheter which is introduced through the cervical canal after approximately 72 hours after fertilization. Transfer the embryos are usually about 4 to greater likelihood of pregnancy. Embryo transfer process is absolutely painless and requires no anesthesia or analgesia.

How IVF is performed?

The next step described is how to do IVF. Under sterile conditions, the egg is placed in a vial with the medium was added to the sperm and kept in an incubator. After 3-5 days, the ready-made embryos transferred into the womb. Before that, genetic screening is conducted at times to identify fetal genetic abnormalities. Study of Couples is extremely important in adverse family history. Not all of these embryos are implanted. In Vitro Fertilization uses two or three embryos.

After IVF is performed, the women is prescribed with a maintenance therapy of human chorionic gonadotropin. Fourteen days is the recommended time period for performing a pregnancy test. Two strips can be used to say whether IVF Fertilization takes place or not. In most of the cases initial attempt is a failure. There is no need for being upset. There are many kids who are born through this born through this process. Every year this process is continued and help parents conceive.

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