Donor Oocyte Program

Women with decreased ovarian function who are not able to conceive using their own eggs can opt for Donor Oocyte Program or Egg Donation. This problem is commonly found in women in their late 30s or 40s. Fertile Solutions IVF & Research Center provides egg donation programs that offer high pregnancy and delivery rates when compared to other fertility treatments enabling you to bear the child.

Donor-Oocyte-ProgramTypes of donor

Donors can be classified as

  • Donors unrelated to the recipient
  • Donors chosen by the recipient such as a friend or relative who wants to help the recipient bear a child
  • Shared oocyte donors such as women who take part in in vitro fertilization may donate unused eggs such that the recipient helps share the cost of IVF treatment.


The procedure involves selecting and screening the egg donor and giving consent for the IVF treatment. The donor undergoes IVF stimulation therapy to stimulate the ovaries to produce more number of eggs. The eggs are then retrieved when the follicles mature. After retrieval the egg is fertilized by the sperm of the recipients partner (or sperm donor) in the laboratory. After several days the best resulting embryo is transferred to the recipients womb who carries and delivers the baby.

Candidates for using Egg Donation Program

You can opt for a donor oocyte program if you have problems in becoming pregnant using your own eggs. These could be due to

  • Early menopause
  • Risk of passing a genetic disease to your child
  • Ovaries affected by serious disease or chemotherapy
  • Repeated cycles show poor egg quality during IVF treatment