Fertility Counseling for Couples

The medical condition called Infertility affects all aspects of the couples lives who have been diagnosed as infertile. We understand that couples/ individuals experiencing infertility are passing through a stressful period of their life. It can create a whole lot of turmoil in your life pertaining to the medical decisions and uncertainties put forth by infertility. It can also cause emotional stress in your day to day life.

Seeking infertility counseling may help you deal with the emotional stress associated with fertility treatments. The specialists at Fertile Solutions IVF & Research Center provide counseling to help you cope with the emotional turmoil, choose the right treatment options, improve communications with your partner or deal with family and friends. They allow you to explore all options for family building available to you.

Fertility-CounselingCouples may seek professional help for any of these reasons

  • Emotional Struggle: Your feelings of sadness, depression, worry or anxiety can be overcome by proper help from a specialist. You may also be put on medications such as anti depressants for overcoming depression and anxiety. In such cases, consult your doctor if you are on fertility treatments trying to conceive.
  • Strained Relationships: Infertility problems may give birth to strained relationships between you and your partner. Counseling helps deal with this stress making you understand and support each other.
  • In cases such as egg/ sperm/embryo donations i.e. using third party reproduction techniques or when planning for adoption, counseling is considered to be a must.
  • Decisions such as leading a child free life or going for adoption might require inputs from a counselor who can provide immense emotional support.

It is very difficult to acknowledging the fact that you need help with your feelings, often as hard as admitting that you are experiencing infertility. Whatever your reasons may be for choosing a counselor, they would help you provide the extra support you have always wanted. It may clarify your way of thinking and may help you in deciding the right fertility treatment.