Infertility and its Treatments

Infertility is a condition in which women wont get conceived naturally. Problem of infertility may be present in either in any one of the couple or both of them. Statistics shows that, among different infertility cases, 40 percent of problem are with female partner, another 40 percent are with male partner, 10 percent with both partners and 10 percent of unknown causes. Infertility can occur in women who have give birth to a child. This condition is known as secondary infertility. Sometimes, secondary infertility can be due to infection since last child birth. Or due to aging, which makes conceiving difficulty. Secondary infertility is more common than infertility in childless couple.

Infertility Treatments

For a successful treatment, both the male and female should undergo the check up. Problem can be with any one of them. Major infertility treatments are
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) : IVF Treatment is used in older women or women with defects in fallopian tube or endometriosis. In this treatment, women’s egg and man’s sperm is joined outside the body, i.e in a laboratory. In-Vitro-Fertilization
In Vitro Maturation (IVM) : IVM is a infertility treatment in which immature eggs from ovaries are bought to maturity in a laboratory. IVM is cheaper and safer. It is considered as alternative to IVF.


Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching: It is used in IVF treatment to implant embryo in the uterus. Pregnancy cannot happen unless the embryo hatches and attaches to the uterine wall.


Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle (FERC): Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle uses embryos which were frozen previously. Good quality embryos which are not used is stored for future use.
There are more reproductive technologies which is used to help in conceiving. With availability of high standard techniques and labs, more infertile couples give birth to child

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