Infertility Problems No worries!!!


Infertility has nowadays become a cause of worry for most of the persons either male or female. There are several IVF Clinics in India. This has lead to a confusion as which IVF center one should choose. An option is Fertile Solutions IVF Center in Delhi. The center is headed by Ms Ruchi Malhotra, the best gynacologist that you may ever find. The IVF treatment is being carried out with the help of experienced fertility specialists using several Fertility enhancing surgical procedures such as:


In this surgical method, the uterine abnormalities like uterine septum, removal of adhesions, and removal of fibroids are treated.


This is yet another surgical method in which the scar tissue and benign ovarian cysts are removed, endometriosis are treated and occluded fallopian tubes are opened if necessary.


In Myomectomy procedure, the uterine fibroids are removed whereas the Tubal Recanalization involves the surgical reversal of the sterilization process.

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