Operative Hysteroscopy-The Gynecological Procedure

IVF Centers plays an important role in Gynecology. Operative Hysteroscopy is one among the gynecological method carried out in these centers.
During Normal Hysteroscopy, when the abnormalities in the uterus is detected, this treatment comes into effect. It is carried out along with what is called diagnostic hysteroscopy by inserting small instruments through the hysteroscope without having to jump into a second surgery.

IVF-Center-Hysteroscopy1898The following conditions can be treated

1.Polyps and Fibroids

In some cases,the lining of the uterine cavity may consists of Polyps and fibroids. This results in abnormal uterine bleeding. The hysteroscope cuts the tissue attaching it to the uterus and that in turn causes the polyps or fibroids to be removed.


Myomectomy or D&C procedure might lead to Scar tissue formation.Hence infertility, repeated miscarriages or menstrual problems occurs. This is where hysteroscope plays a pivotal role.It is used to rebuild the uterine cavity by cutting off the scar tissue.


In this, uterine cavity is divided by a longitudinal septum. Hysteroscopy is used in the diagnosis and treatment of the uterine septum.

4.The last condition is the Irregular Bleedings in Women during menstruation. By Hysteroscopy treatment patients suffer only less pain and recovery time.