Sexual Dysfunction Clinic

Sexual Dysfunction is the problem that prevents the couple or individual from experiencing complete satisfaction during a sexual act. It can have a profound impact on your sexual life. Optimal management of sexual dysfunction includes assessing the anxiety, stress, guilt or worry of individuals/couples along with reviewing their physical and medical conditions.

Sexual-DysfunctionSexual Dysfunction Disorder can be broadly classified as

  • Sexual Desire Disorders are characterized by decreased libido or general lack of sex drive generally or for the current partner. The possible causes could be a decreased estrogen production in women and decreased testosterone production in men. Aging, fatigue, medications, psychiatric reasons, pregnancy or medications could also be possible causes.
  • Sexual Arousal Disorders are characterized by aversion to or avoidance of sexual contact. This could be caused by decreased blood flow or vaginal dryness. Chronic diseases or strained relationship between partners could also be a contributing factor.
  • Erectile Dysfunction is the failure to develop and maintain an erection. Physical damage to the nerves or injury to the penis causing lack of blood flow could cause erectile dysfunction. Psychological factors such as stress, depression or chronic illness could also cause this disorder.
  • Premature Ejaculation is characterized by ejaculation before orgasm is achieved. This could be caused by psychological reasons or neurobiological reasons.
  • Orgasm Disorders are characterized by delay or absence of orgasm after sexual excitement phase. It could be due to medications like anti depressants, physical or psychological reasons.
  • Sexual Pain Disorders affect women and result in painful intercourse. It could be caused by vaginal dryness or hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, menopause or breast feeding.


The causes of Sexual Dysfunction could be emotional or physical. Psychological problems, sexual trauma in the past, depression etc. are some of the emotional factors. Physical factors include the use of drugs, alcohol, antihistamines, nicotine etc. For women aging, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, post delivery and menopause could have an adverse effect on sexual activities.


Sexual Dysfunction in men are mostly due to anxiety which can be treated using psychotherapy and counseling sessions. Lifestyle changes like smoking cessation, avoidance of alcohol and drugs can also help treatment.

To provide sexual satisfaction, hormone replacement therapies are recommended in women. Medications/ Lubricants can be used to relieve pain experienced during sex. Counseling may help overcome psychological problems.