Sperm Cryobanking

Sperm Cryobanking is the preservation of your sperm for future use. Cryopreservation is the process of freezing your sperm to ensure a fertile future. The facility that stores the sperm is called a sperm bank or cryobank.

Sperm-CryobankingReasons for Cryobanking

You may choose for sperm cryobanking if you are planning

  • To use chemotherapy or radiation for cancer treatment which may affect your fertility
  • To take any medications that may impair the sperm quality or production
  • To undergo procedures that may affect your testes or prostrate
  • To undergo vasectomy

You may also use cryobanking if you feel that your fertility is at a risk because of exposure to reproductive toxins, or have a medical condition such as medical sclerosis that may impair ejaculation etc.

The best method of cryopreservation is to store a fresh sample that is within one hour of its ejaculation. This ensures minimal deterioration of the sample. The samples can be stored for as long as you wish to store them. The sperm quality should not get affected over time but this largely depends on the method of freezing used. Check with your specialist for further details. You may notify the bank when you are ready to use the sperm.

This method can also be useful for women who need donor sperm to achieve pregnancy in third party reproduction techniques.