Sperm Processing

Sperm Processing is a part of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) process used to treat infertility. The processed sperm is deposited directly into the uterus which improves chances of fertilization. The processing involves washing the semen sample free of debris, WBC or prostaglandins which may cause the uterus to contract. Dead sperm are removed and the sample is concentrated for use. Washing allows recruitment of only very motile sperm for insemination.

Sperm-ProcessingThe type of wash determines the quality of the semen sample. There are three types of sperm washing techniques

  • Swim up This technique is successful in normal semen sample rather than those with high viscosity.
  • Discontinuous (Density) Gradient- this technique is employed when the sperm contain round cells and/or debris and is highly viscous. The sample has normal concentration and motility.
  • Simple Wash this technique is used on a sample that has decreased concentration and/or motility.