Sub Fertility Evaluation of Couples

The condition of being less fertile than is normal or having decreased fertility is referred as Sub Fertility. It means that you have a good chance of getting pregnant on your own unlike infertility where you need medical assistance to get pregnant.


The main causes of sub fertility are listed below along with methods to overcome them

  • Ovulation Disorders may be caused by inherent defects like poly cystic ovaries or because of hormonal deficiencies secreted from the pituitary, adrenal or thyroid glands. Surgical ablation of cysts or medication to generate eggs are recommended to overcome ovulation disorders
  • Tubal Obstruction If you have a history of operations or infections of the uterus or tubes or ovaries you may have a blockage in your tubes. If one of the two tubes is unblocked then there are chances of pregnancy naturally. Alternatively surgery may be considered if both tubes are blocked or you may be recommended for IVF.
  • Endometrial adhesions caused by past surgeries or fibroids present on the uterus may affect fertility. Removal of adhesions and fibroids may improve your chances of pregnancy.
  • Male infertility due to lack of sperm or abnormal sperm may cause sub fertility. Sperm defects can be rectified using hormone treatment or correction of varicocele. Alternatively intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization (IVF) may also be considered.

Management of Sub Fertility

Early diagnosis and treatment are recommended as treatment options. Initially simple methods like follicular monitoring or intrauterine insemination methods are used. The maternal age is also a decisive factor. Women with advanced maternal age are advised to start treatment as early as possible. Your specialist may also recommend IVF as a last option. You can talk to our doctors to find the best possible treatment option suitable for you.